We are FPS Alpha (Pvt) Ltd, a Joint venture company established between FPS Projects (Pvt) Ltd, a subsidiary of Famous Pacific Shipping Lanka (Pvt) Ltd and a member of the SAS Holdings Group, and Alpha Omega (Pvt) Ltd. We boast a proud and long heritage in the Coatings Industry by virtue of the experience our leadership has acquired over a span of 30 years working in the industry.

Furthermore the project affiliate of FPS Lanka, FPS Projects, has wide experience in successfully partnering clients in major power, water distribution and civil construction projects for shipping and logistics in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives and Ethiopia.

We are the sole appointed agent for the brands of high performance Protective Coatings (PC) “International” and “Devoe” supplied by the global coatings giant and world leader in paints Akzo Nobel from the Netherlands. We represent Akzo Nobel in a territory that covers the whole of Sri Lanka and the Maldives. null


The world’s most recognisable stadia, bridges spanning the widest expanses on the planet and the tallest buildings to grace our skyline all require protection from the elements, from corrosion and from the effects of fire.

As the urban landscape around us continues to change, there is increasing demand for complex and innovative design. With its extensive track record, our International range of high performance protective coatings can enhance these new super structures, protecting them along the way.

With colour, functionality, protection and sustainability all at the forefront of new building design, the one element that underpins them all is high performance. Without it, colour can fade, corrosion can take hold and sustainability targets can be missed. Choosing the right coating system is vital and it’s something we can take care of for you.

Our products include highly specialized paints that are used to cover and protect substrates over long periods, particularly providing long termed protection and decoration to concrete or masonry surfaces and corrosion and fire protection for steel.

Our International range of protective coatings and passive fire protection products is developed to complement architectural innovations. Our products ensure that tomorrow’s stadia, tall buildings and bridges, all retain their colour, impact and design credentials long after coating application. Akzo Nobel provides technological leadership and on-ground support in new-build and maintenance painting in several sectors